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Outstanding People

Residents of the region F. Markov and A. Maslovskaya were awarded the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union in the recognition of their feats of arms during the war.

There are many famous people whose lives are intertwined with the Postavy region. Among them are Heroes of the Socialist Labour A. Volodko and V. Osipenko, Hero of the Russian Federation test-pilot A. Raevsky, state and economic figures A. Tsikhon, M. Khvostov, V. Yanukovich, V. Chepik, I. Shakolo, B. Shilko, P. Rozynko, military figures A. Stankevich, I. Shubin, V.Yushkevich, writers V. Dubovka, I. Malets, M. Mashara, A. Nafranovich, I. Prokopovich.

World famous artist Alfred Romer lived and worked in Korolinovo.

The Postavy region has also became a motherland for the People’s Artist of Russia Lydia Abramova.