Address: 25 Lenina Street, Postavy, 211840
Phone: 8 (02155) 4-10-45, 8 (02155) 2-66-07
Fax: (8-02155)-2-18-45

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Night Embankment
Postavy at Night
Tysenhaus Palace


The Postavy region is one of the biggest and economically stable regions of the Vitebsk oblast.

The western region of the oblast borders on the Braslav, Sharkovshchina, Glubokoye and Dokshitsy regions. Postavy also neighbours on the Ostrovets region of Grodno, the Myadel region of the Minsk oblast and the Republic of Lithuania.

Postavy is the remotest regional center that situated on the river Myadelka 250km away from Vitebsk and 165km away from Minsk.

The total area of the region is 2.1 thousand km. The cropland makes up 60 thousand hectares, forests occupy 43.3% of the region.

The region’s Mountain Vysokaya (247.1m) is situated 0.4km away from the north-west of the village of Kaptaruny.

The Postavy region is one of the most picturesque places of Belarus due to which the country is called Land of Blue Lakes. Bolshiye and Malye Shvakshty, Luchaiskoye, Dolzha, Bolshiye Survilishki, Lodosi, Svidno, Zadevskoye, Svita are among the most beautiful lakes of the country. The Postavy region has 115 lakes, 16 water basins, 86 rivers and streams. The region includes 12 historical parks, 28 reserves and government-protected natural monuments that embrace six sites of ancient settlement, four burial hills. 

The region has 19 architectural and cultural sights. They are five palaces, the Postavy downtown, the Center of Crafts, seven Orthodox and five Roman-Catholic Churches, 69 war monuments, of them 27 burial places.