Address: 25 Lenina Street, Postavy, 211840
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Investment Projects

Name of the project: construction of the plant on tile and ceramic tile production.

There are two deposits of clay in the territory of Postavy Region: "Golbitsa" and "Kuropolie". The territory of the clay deposits is thoroughly explored. The commercial reserves of clay are 12 billion cubic metres in "Golbitsa" and 69 billion cubic metres in "Kuropolie". The kind of clay in "Golbitsa" is suitable for production of bricks brand "125" and "150", production of tile and cement. The kind of clay in "Kuropolie" is suitable for production of bloating clay, ceramic tile (for interior wall cladding), drain pipes and bricks brand "100". Availability of raw material on the ground will provide theoutput of the lower cost.There are highways and railway tracks not far from the deposits of clay"Golbitsa" and "Kuropolie".

Name of the project: construction of the object "Reproductive Farm of feeding section for 24 000 pigs per year in Kamai, Postavy Region"

The construction site is to the South-East of the operating pig farm. From the beginning of the construction works the administrative building was made without performing internal finishing work, also five buildings for keeping livestock with varying degrees of construction readiness, the transformer box is built up, utilities are 70% complete, three wells drilled, external water supply is 90% complete, manure removal canals are 70% complete. The coat on the farm is asphalt. This object may be repurposed and used to embed any production.

Name of the project: Сreation of the hotel in Postavy

Postavy Regional Executive Committee offers atwo-storied brick administrative building with an area of 1600,6 square meters to use as the hotel. Itissituatedin Postavy, KrupskayaStreet, 55. The building is supplied with water and sewagesystem, there is electricity, heating and telecommunication network.The land area is 0,8895 ha. There is a parking, garages and warehouse at the adjoining area. Developed transport infrastructure will provide convenient access to the hotel from the highways Minsk-Braslav, Vitebsk-Vilnius.

Name of the project: Organization of production

For theorganization and placement of production we offer to use premises of the former Lyntupsky Distillery. In particular the organization of bottled drinking water production is possible:there are four own artesian wells on the territory. Necessary communications are brought to production buildings and constructions. The transformer substation, boiler, sewer network and treatment facilities are offered for use. There is the gas line with a possibility of the boiler room conversion to gas supply. The branch rail line is brought on the territory of the plant.Entrances with an asphalt covering are provided. The total area of the territory makes 6,3 hectares.


Postavy Regional Executive Committee
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