Address: 25 Lenina Street, Postavy, 211840
Phone: 8 (02155) 3-10-14, 8 (02155) 2-66-07
Fax: (8-02155)-2-18-45

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Postavy at Night
Night Embankment
Tysenhaus Palace

Investment Attractiveness

Postavy Region is the most Western region of Vitebsk Oblast, it borders on Braslav, Glubokoe,Sharkovshchina and Dokshitsy Regions. Also it adjoins with Grodno, Minsk Oblasts and the Republic of Lithuania.

There are more than 35 thousand people in the Region. The area is 2.1 thousand square km, forests occupy more than 40 % of the Region. The Region center is the town of Postavy, its population is more than 20 thousand people. The town was founded in 1409.

12 histirical parks are a great decoration of our Region. The state protects 28 wildlife areas and nature sanctuaries. There are more than 200 various water objects: 115 lakes, 16 water basins, 86 rivers. Due to it Postavy Region is called the Land of Blue Lakes. There are there are 19 monuments of architecture and culture in the Region. The town's most recognizable feature is the International festival "Zviniats tsymaly i harmonic". The rich cultural heritage and convenient arrangement of the Region is attractive for tourists not only of the neighbor, but also foreign countries.

Postavy Region nowadays is an economically developed and successfully evolving area. The region's agriculture specializes in dairy and beef cattle breeding with developed grain production and flax cultivation. More than 80 thousand hectares of farmland are fixed for agricultural producers, 50 thousand hectares of which is arable land. Today 15 agricultural enterprises operate in the region, employing about 25% of the economically active population of the Region.

The region's industry is represented by 9 enterprises, employing more than a quarter of the economically active population of the area. The share of industrial products in the regional product manufacturing is more than 70%. The leading industries are woodworking and food.

The export potential of our area is defined by the importance of the geographical location opening possibilities of sustainable development of trade and economic cooperation with regions of Russia and the Baltic States.

Postavy Region is always ready for effective and mutually beneficial cooperation.