Address: 25 Lenina Street, Postavy, 211840
Phone: 8 (02155) 4-10-45, 8 (02155) 2-66-07
Fax: (8-02155)-2-18-45

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Tysenhaus Palace
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Today Postavy District is one of the largest agricultural districts of Vitebsk Oblast. It boasts a well-developed industry focused mainly on industrial processing of local raw materials and food production.

In recent years much has been done in Postavy District to reform the agricultural sector, and optimize the number of enterprises. Currently there are 15 agricultural enterprises in Postavy District that fully satisfy the local food demand and meet the needs of processing companies in raw materials.

There are 85,200 hectares of farmland in the district, including 48,300 hectares of arable land. The plough-disturbance of farmland makes up 56.7%. Its fertility is assessed at 25.8 points, while that of the arable land at 26.9 points.

The agricultural industry specializes in dairy and meat cattle breeding, grain and flax production.

In the structure of crop cultivation, grain and leguminous crops account for 50.5%, colza for 6.6%, flax for 4.6%, potatoes for 0.4%, and forage crops for 37.9%.

The average number of people engaged in the agricultural industry in Postavy District is 2,600.