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31 October 2017
The program of the 30th International Festival of Modern Choreography (IFMC) in Vitebsk rivals many European forums, choreographer Radu Poklitaru, chairman of the IFMC international jury, Honored Artist of Ukraine, People's Artist of Moldova, told a press conference in the BelTA press center on 1 November. "The role of the IFMC in Vitebsk can hardly be overestimated. When I look at all the authors and dancers throughout the festival's history, I realize that the whole art of modern dance...
27 October 2017
It is essential to revise approaches in agriculture in Vitebsk Oblast, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said as heard out a report on the measures taken to finish the harvest campaing in the country and the proposals to improve the cultivated land structure in Vitebsk Oblast on 23 October, BelTA has learned. "Vitebsk Oblast is a very sensitive issue in our country. We need to carry out a serious reform in Vitebsk Oblast's agricultural industry. We have agreed to begin with the...
20 October 2017
The 30th installment of the International Festival of Modern Choreography (IMFC) in Vitebsk holds some surprises for the participants of the national contest and its viewers Deputy Director General of the Vitebsk cultural center Marina Romanovskaya spoke about the most interesting moments of the upcoming forum during a press conference on 17 October, BelTA has learned. The festival is due to run from 15 to 19 November to bring together artists from Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium,...
12 October 2017
Student brigades of Vitebsk Oblast foster cooperation with Beloyarsky District (Russia), BelTA learned from the BRSM Youth Union regional committee. "In 2016 our student brigade went to Beloyarsky District of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra for the first time. This was the result of the agreement on establishing twin-city relations between Vitebsk and Beloyarsky District signed in 2016. The students took part in the construction of a residential house. The Russian employer was...
5 October 2017
The international conference Traditions and Innovations in Law will take place at the regional educational and scientific law center in the village of Mezhdurechye, next to Novopolotsk, on 6-7 October, BelTA learned from Polotsk State University. Scientists and specialists in jurisprudence from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Germany and Sweden will discuss problems of judicial science and practice taking into account the continuance and innovative development of national legal systems and...
25 September 2017
The advancement of manufacturing cooperation, humanitarian exchange programs, and tourism will become the main avenues of cooperation between Vitebsk and the Chinese city of Jinan for the period till 2020. The plans are stipulated by the protocol on implementing the agreement on advancing cooperation between the twinned cities, which was signed in Vitebsk on 22 September, BelTA has learned. The document was signed by Chairman of the Vitebsk City Council of Deputies Vladimir Belevich and...